Then and Now (Part 2)

Mini Lop, 9 years old
Florida, USA @lizsack
Autumn, Mini Lop, 2 years old
Amsterdam, English Spot mix, 2 years old
Melbourne, Australia @emilyjane___
Ernie, Dutch, 2 years old
Furhead, Lionhead, 3 years old
Winnipeg, Canada @furheadandhernie
Holland Lop, 8 years old
New York, USA @thechoobiemons
Penny, Tort Holland Lop, 1 year old
Preston, Orange Holland Lop, baby
Connecticut, USA @penny_the_bun
Juicy, Mini Lop, 4 years old
Bella, Netherland Dwarf / Dutch Mix, 5 years old
Winnipeg, Canada @juicyandbella
Lionhead, 7 years old
Sweden @bunnymadre

Coco, 9 years and 7 months old
Holland Lop, Japan @pikucoco

3 thoughts on “Then and Now (Part 2)

  1. kalli pope

    Hello @bunnymama let me just say I love your bunnies they are adorable and rip Rambo 😭 so I was wondering if your could post my before and after of my buns ? I actually do have a more recent photo for one of my rabbits so will redo it but only if you can post it so just give me a reply if you can post it I’ll dm you a more updated one so ya btw this is @the8fuzzbutts

  2. laurie

    I love these so much! It is awesome to see older buns being celebrated up into their old age! Thank you for sharing these photos!


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