In Loving Memory of Rambo Bunny (+playlist)

Rams passed away peacefully in his papa’s arms at 7:15am on December 14, 2013 with mama and Eddy by his side. He took his last breath in his papa’s arms and grind his teeth one last time to let us know he was happy. Rambo was very ill. He had a stroke on November 25 and soon after he developed a head tilt. He was fighting so hard and he was getting better but he had another stroke and he became paralyzed. Even though he couldn’t move anymore he was still bright and alert. We told him that if he wanted to fight we will keep fighting with him but if he was ready to go we understand. Sadly, he had another stroke and his little body just couldn’t fight anymore. Thanks for all the happy memories Rams. We will cherish them forever.

8 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Rambo Bunny (+playlist)

  1. seriouslyim3oh!3s#1fanTRUSTME

    This made me cry, I am so sorry. Bunnies are underestimated and who knew they could have such big personalities. Floppy passed when I was going on a 2 week trip to Canada. On the day we got back he passed away 30 minutes before I could pick him up from my friends house. He was 4 years old as well. Biggest heart, I regret the trip because knowing the fact he didn't see his loved ones for 2 weeks and passed just as I was arriving. It breaks my heart. Im sorry for your loss

  2. Lola

    That's incredibly sad, my bun passed from a stroke too years ago. I can't believe poor rams had so multiple strokes and still fought to hold on, so such a strong boy. I've been trying to find out what actually causes strokes in bunnies but I haven't had much like in finding any info. Do you know the most likely causes? I want to know if there's something I could've done to prevent it and to prevent it from any future buns.


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