Rabbit Ownership


A letter from Rambo about bunny ownership

Yes, bunnies are very cute. But please do not buy bunnies on a whim. Do your research first. Rabbits are a 10-12 + years commitment. They are a lot of work, as much work as a dog (if not more work than a dog when cared for properly).

Vet bills can be very expensive because bunnies are considered exotic pets in Canada and require an Exotic Animal Veterinarian which is usually more expensive than a cat or dog vet. Our family has worked very hard to take good care of me & my brother Eddy. To date they have invested $6,700 in (unexpected) vet bills to save my life. I am a special needs and disabled rabbit. We are not saying all bunnies cost this much. This was our family’s personal experience. So before you get a pet of any kind please think it through and research first to make sure the pet fit your personality & circumstances & that you are prepared and willing to pay for unexpected veterinary care.

I enjoy sharing my bunny life with everyone and it makes me so happy that my cuteness makes you happy. But in all seriousness I’m also here to raise awareness about rabbit ownership, proper rabbit care as well as pet adoption. For more info about bunnies check out www.rabbit.org




3 thoughts on “Rabbit Ownership

  1. Inaz Ameera

    Rabbits make amazing pets! They are cute and adorable, loving and kind, and they are also very gentle creatures. All animals, (not only rabbits) deserve a safe and comfortable home, and humans to love, cherish and appreciate them, but not all humans deserve these wonderful God given beings.
    I love how you make the effort to show how important it is to provide a conducive environment for our pets to live in. The world needs more people like you, so that there could be a stop to animal cruelty. Eddy and Rambo are very lucky to have you as their mama, or perhaps, you are the lucky one to have Eddy and Rambo to shine up your days! Keep it up!

  2. Lily Davis

    I really agree that before anyone decides to take rabbits for a pet we should first do some research because it is not like dog or cats that you can left unsupervised. Anyways, Rambo is so cute 🙂


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