Bunny Adventures Galapagos Islands 2012

I take a photo cut-out of Eddy & Rambo with me when I travel.  It’s difficult for me to leave my bunnies when I go away.  I miss them and get very home sick, so having a photo of them on me is comforting.  I keep their photo tucked in my passport.
They stay with our bunny sitter when I’m on vacation. I usually go away for a month every year. Our sitter is the only person I trust to take care of them. She is very knowledgeable about rabbits and they love her.
Last year, we visited the Galapagos Islands, the number one place on my bucket list because I love nature and animals.  It was a very magical experience. When I was staging the cut-out for the photos people were curious and asked me what I was doing (probably thought I was crazy). I explained and they wanted to help me stage “flat Eddy & Rambo” for the photos. Some people even posed with the cut-out (haha).  It was a wonderful and memorable trip. Below are some photos of Eddy & Rambo’s Bunny Adventures in the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Bunny Adventures Galapagos Islands 2012

  1. puppy52doll

    It's hard for me and my husband to leave our cats when we go for a vacation too >_< I usually have photos on my phone and luckily for us our house/cat sitters send us photos time to time, it helped a bit!

  2. Bunya

    Love your blog – the great information you offer! Hope you don't mind but I look for cute bunny pictures on the internet and share them on a Facebook page. Found one of Eddy – people recognized him, so then I was able to find this blog and post a link to it on the FB page.

  3. by J

    Omg, so nice of you to take Eddy and Rambo with you, hha! 🙂 I love your blog (just found it) and I've been following you for a long time at the Instagram. Its just amazing how good care you take of your bunnies! I had a bunny 10y ago, his name was Väiski and Im sure he was the best pet I'll ever have, your Rambo reminds me of him a lot.. so full of life and lots of love to give and oh, always so happy.. even when he wasn't feeling too well, he made me smile everytime I looked at him. All the best for you and your bunnies bunnymama! here is my Blog 🙂


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