Bunstruction 2013 Contest Entries

Thank you so much for entering our Bunnymama2013 Bunstruction contest.  I really enjoyed seeing all your pics!  Amazing job bunnies! We went through all the photos and here are some our favorites. Winners will be announced tomorrow 🙂




5 thoughts on “Bunstruction 2013 Contest Entries

  1. Amy S

    How do you get your bunnies to not chew on stuff? Mine is almost a year old now and we got her spayed about 3 weeks ago. We thought the chewing was going to stop but it seems she's chewing even more now on everything. carpet, books, baseboards, everything on the floor, and now even blankets. Do you think she'll stop when she gets older?

  2. Camilla Pedersen

    I have no words for describing how much I love your instagram! When I was young I always wanted a dog and when I was 12 I got my bunny! And neither me, mom or dad thought we would get so attached to a little bunny! We had him in a cage inside the house and let him out when we where home, so he was always hopping around! And all our friends and family though we just had a really weird looking dog because he acted just like one, and always wanted attention! We also have a boat, and I am from Norway so we have a real nice archipelago(i used google translate..) or skerry. So every weekend he jumped around on the boat and ran around free on the islands, eating lots of healthy food and just being a happy little bunny! He also loved to go to the beach and take a swim!
    Sorry I just had to write it somewhere, and this was the best place! I miss him so much, and he looks just like your Rambo, so everyday im looking forward to see your updates!
    He died when i was 18, so he was 6 years old, a old man ❤ And I still can't believe he was a bunny, the most special little guy ever! And I can't wait to get my own house or kids so I can get a bunny again, history's most underrated animal for sure!

  3. bribeauty

    I have some bunny questions! I have a lionhead bunny and would love to ask you some questions & get your advice on things. Do you have an email or way to direct message you?! thank you!

  4. Kailey Beck

    I taught my bunny to stop by putting a block of wood or one of his toys near him and guided his attention to it. Id also you the same training sound for bad they use for dogs and id point at him and say no before putting the wood by him. Armin is 3 months old and now listens about not chewing everytime without the toy or wood needing to be near him.


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