2 thoughts on “Bunny Veggies

  1. MollyMia

    Hmm, the bunny veggies listed are slightly different from the one i obtained. was told to limit celery and broccoli to “use rarely”. and pea pods are to avoid.
    hmm, this is confusing.

  2. Ale

    Hi! I just have to warn for some of the veggies listed here!

    For instance: Parsley, spinach and kale is very high in calcium which is not to good for the bunny so its best to not give it too often! More info at http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/articles/calcium.shtml.

    And yes we all good bunny mothers always try to give organic food to our babies, but one of the things listed here that never should be given t all if its inorganic is: Broccoli! inorganic broccoli is heavily sprayed with pesticides and especially with broccoli its very hard to rinse off the pesticides even when washed under water, because its really tight between the buds. trust me, the bunny is better off NOT ingesting a veggie full with pesticides!
    also, broccoli can cause gas so you have to give in small amounts.

    Even green paprika is one of the most hard sprayed one with pesticides.
    I know.. organic veggies N fruits are much pricier but will we feed or bunnies “poison”? think about their poor little liver, and other organs 😦


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