4 thoughts on “Are Rabbits Trainable? See for yourself…

  1. Jojo Munki

    I'm new to rabbit owning, and I have a three month old lion head. I'm having a tough time grooming him, since he is still new and getting used to things. He does have a lot of hair around his head and bum(but you probably already know that because you have a mixed lion head). He owns a cage, but tends to roam around the house for the most part(I use the cage mostly for just litter, hay, water, etc.) Well the bedding is getting stuck in his fur and his getting knots. I do have a brush, but again he is still new, and gets scared when I approach. I was wondering if you had any tips on my situation.

    P.S. I love your bunnies–Rambo and Eddy, they are so adorable! I can see all the love and dedication you give them.

  2. Kenzie Jones

    I have a slight tip for you. My friend and I both have bunnies. Actually, they are full grown rabbits now so bunnies wouldn't be politically correct but whatever. Haha. My 'rabbit' is a short hair so I do not have much experience in the grooming department. He never tends to have problems. However my friends bunny is much like yours, LOTS of hair. Which tends to end in lots of knots. Usally she brushes him but the brush becomes painfully. The hair is usally very long at this point and she solves this problem by simply taking him to the groomer. The hair is trimmed and the rabbit remains happy and healthy and usally at the groomer they wash and clip his nails as well. Although Jack is fullgrown and you bunny is just a tot, im sure yours will groom fine:)


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